Pillow Club

About Us

I am a mum to four kids and a loving husband Joe…

I work full time as a senior accountant for a large professional firm and have very little energy left to find good quality and healthy home furnishings for our home.

I want to do the research to find out what works for me and my home and family so I decided to build up this site for myself and others in my shoes could share their successful and not so successful buys with the community so that the mama’s have a good night sleep

I should say my loving hubbie Joe is a dreadful snorer so I do have some bad nights sleep and wish that I could find a quick solution… so I am going to be brave and put this site and blogg together for real mums young and not so young can share their amazing wisdom and hopefully we get that blissful nights sleep we all crave.

So here goes ….


I have been known to walk into a home store and buy the entire lot on the display – pillows and all !!

I didn’t think of the cost or whether the pillow would suit me – one infamous tempur bed and pillow buy that Joe has never forgiven me for ! After a couple of months I ended up hating the pillow I chose and took the pillow he chose and stuck him with the uncomfortable one. I fell for the salesman talk (despite it being the most expensive bed ensemble and pillow we ever bought) my shopping addict habit just took over – Joe had no say in the matter !!

So I want you to avoid all pitfalls and the costly mistakes I and others have made.

Do you get confused about all the choices you have especially for something as simple as a pillow ?

What do you need to know before you consider replacing your pillow ?

All these questions and more will be answered for you here.

Our Mission is to provide great pillow advice and top recommendations for you and your family members on what pillows to buy and why, so you get that wonderful nights sleep we all crave.

Any recommendation is based on our and our team of pillow experts reviews and feedback online from manufacturers or home stores.

Our team of experts are scouring the web looking for user opinions and product ratings to provide the most reliable and objective recommendations so you are informed and make the best choice for you and your family.